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Spring time!

Tomorrow will be the first day of spring. Well, not the astronomical first day, that falls on March 19 in this year. But still, finally we can say goodby to the winter period and welcome the most beautiful season with some useful nature idioms! ;)

1) a late bloomer – someone who is slower than their peers to develop in a particular field

2) shrinking violet – a (comically) shy person

3) as fresh as a daisy – healthy, energetic, youthful

4) the grass is always greener on the other side – other people’s situations always seem better to one’s own

5) to come up (smelling) roses – to emerge from a situation in a favourable manner

6) to hit the hay – to go to bed

7 )to lead someone up the garden path – to deceive someone by giving them misleading information/clues

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