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Rainy weather today :(

The weather was horrible today, don't you think? Well, it's not as bad as in the United Kingdom (UK)!

I lived half a year in the UK, and they talk about the weather all the time. In a study, 94% of British people admitted that they talked about the weather in the past six hours! In England, it rains 244 days a year in average, which means more than 2 out of 3 days are rainy! Can you imagine?

Because of that, British people have a lot of words for raining. Here are 15 of them that I've heard when I was there!

1. It's maumy (light rain)

2. Cloudburst (heavy rain or sudden rain)

3. Fox's wedding (sudden rain)

4. Downpour (heavy rain)

5. Bange (a sort of dampness in the air with light rain)

6. It's coming down in buckets (heavy rain)

7. Nice weather for ducks!

8. Shower (light rain)

9. The heaven has opened (heavy and sudden rain)

10. Kelsher (heavy shower)

11. It's coming down in buckets

12. Hig (thunderstorm)

13. Drencher (heavy and sudden rain)

14. Drizzle (light rain)

15. Flurry (brief rain)

There are some surprising ones, right? :) Which one was your favourite? Tell us!

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