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Literature moments

Do you like to read novels? What about poems? I'd like to share a beautiful poem with you from one of the most important hungarian poets. His name is Ady Endre, and he lived from 1877 to 1919. He spent a lot of time in France, mainly in Paris, where he wrote the following poem.

The great thing is that there is a hungarian band called Kávészünet (literally: coffe break in English) who made a catchy song out of it, so just click on the link below, and you can listen to the song in hungarian!! ;)

Autumn passed through Paris

Autumn sliped into Paris yesterday, came silently down Boulevard St Michel, In sultry heat, past boughs sullen and still, and met me on its way.

As I walked on to where the Seine flows by, little twig songs burned softly in my heart, smoky, odd, sombre, purple songs. I thought they sighed that I shall die.

Autumn drew abreast and whispered to me, Boulevard St Michel that moment shivered. Rustling, the dusty, playful leaves quivered, whirled forth along the way.

One moment: summer took no heed: whereon, laughing, autumn sped away from Paris. That it was here, I alone bear witness, under the trees that moan.

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