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Eiken - Done!

Finally today we get to see the 2018/ 3 Eiken test results on the website. I think I am happy for my students who have passed, and I will try harder to make the rest pass next time :) It is very hard to enjoy English and memorize so much vocabulary and understand long texts in such a short time, but here at Rainbow Cafe we try to make it fun.

Also, we are planning to start Eiken courses, so more children can receive their super-cool Eiken certificates! We want to have different levels each day, so everyone could have a chance to practice reading, vocabulary and listening. Once you pass a level, you can go to the next class! Can't wait :)

The booking buttons are not ready yet, we just put them out so you can see them. Please wait a little more :P

Also, please don't forget that you can take the Eiken test here, at Rainbow Cafe!


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