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A funny Easter tradition

Easter is here, which means that this is a perfect opportunity to learn about a unique hungarian Easter tradition! :) On Easter Monday, boys and men go from door to door, visiting female relatives, family members, friends and acquaintances in order to "sprinkle" them. In Hungary, women are considered to be flowers, who will wither without the yearly proper sprinkling. Men politely ask the women with a nice, short sprinkling poem if they can sprinkle them. If they say yes (and they will always say yes), they pour a bucket of cold water on the girls. As a gift, girls usually give beautifully painted eggs to the sprinklers.

Nowadays, especially in urban areas, men sprinkle with parfume or cologne instead of a bucket of water, and girls don't wear traditional clothes. The result is that women have a lot of different scents in their hair by the end of the day. In these urban areas, the tradition of egg painting is slowly dying, and chocolate eggs are more popular. But one thing hasn't changed: men have to say a sprinkle poem! :)

Here is a popular sprinkling poem: Wandering through the woods nearby, A lonely daisy caught my eye. Without rain she seemed to wither, So I'd thought I'd bring my sprinkler.

Let's check out the video too! :)

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